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RW Profiles severing ties with

Dear RW Profiles users,

Today, unfortunately, Reverentan and I have an important announcement to make. As of September 1, 2023, we, as RW Profiles, will remove all our work from We have closely monitored the direction in which the site has developed over the past couple of months. We are deeply saddened by the fact that this site has developed from a site we used to love, enjoyed using, and upload something to, into a site that is completely disconnected from its users and creators. Therefore, we made the decision to take down all of our over 100 (!) GSX Profiles and texture enhancements. We overlooked the TOS drama and continued as if nothing ever happened. After that, the site introduced premium, advertising it as a method of giving back something to the people who make the site what it is, the creators. This was supposed to be made available to us in the form of a Creators Program, which was announced together with the Premium launch back in February. The Creator’s Programme was supposed to launch March/April of this year. We are now in August, still without a Creator’s Programme. Without publicly rectifying why this has not happened yet, they admitted privately, via email, that they are still working on it without further explanation on the delays after we confronted them with their previous statement. However, they continue to let users pay for premium and make money from our community creations. Without this paid subscription, in our opinion, the site has become more and more unusable because the sheer number of ads you get these days is something we cannot live with. We do not want users having to click through what feels like 15 ads before they can download one of our – or any other – mod(s). Most often these are ads which are not in the slightest related to aviation, and some also reportedly advertising NSFW content. We also looked past that and continued to provide our work via However, with recent changes made to the GSX Profile category, and every single thumbnail being replaced by a generic one, all of that without even letting creators know, has proved that they simply do not care about our opinion. We do not appreciate a site, which lives from people like us, the creators, altering the appearance of our products without our consent (and/or without even notifying us). Although this change has been reverted by now, we feel that’s decisions are all over the place, we have lost any trust in the platform, and we do not agree with the direction the site is heading into.

In the future, we will come up with a user-friendly way to distribute our profiles to the masses. For the time being, we have created an RW Profiles Discord. Because of the recent changes to, and us severing ties with them, we have uploaded all our profiles to this discord. We created a forum channel where people can easily search for the ICAO and download the profile they are looking for – just like before they completely altered the search engine.

Join the Discord here:

Thank you for the support over the last year. Without you, we wouldn’t be where we are today. We try to improve our work daily to provide the best possible flightsim addons for you, and we hope you will still support us after having made this difficult decision.

The best is yet to come!

Michael and Rev

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